Q. Are you collecting email addresses for SPAM.
A. No, SPAM is the scurge of the Internet. For more info on fighting SPAM check out http://spam.abuse.net/.
Q. Are you a faceless multi-national corporation collecting marketing information or a government department collecting "Big Brother" information?
A. No, just a multi-national computer nerd.
Q. So why do it?
A. Good question. I don't really know. Maybe because I had too much time on my hands. Maybe as a contribution to the Internet community. I truth, because I had the idea and it wouldn't go away.
Q. How did it start?
A. With this email.
Q. How do I join in?
A. When you send this email to your mates and Cc: robot@knowmates.com, the robot will parse the message you have sent and add the names of all recipients to the database. The robot then creates a relationship between you and your mates. When you enter your email address on the homepage an image is created dynamically to show you, your mates, their mates, and so on.
Q. I sent an email to the robot and didn't get added to the database. What happened?
A. The robots job is to map relationships between people. To get added to the database your email needs to have a valid From: address and a different valid To: address. The robot doesn't count as he is not included in the database.
Q. Why is the website so plain?
A. The aim of this website is to support as many browser platforms as possible. Therefore, this website attempts to avoid anything that could cause incompatibility with web browsers, anything that could produce poor performance, and anything that causes limitations with screen sizes.
Q. I have four email adresses. It doesn't make any sense that it shows up as I know three other people who are me.
A. You can set a single email address to be your preferred email address. To do this you must:

  1. Unlock each account (see below)
  2. Send an email from the preferred account
  3. Include all the other accounts to be redirected as recipients (To:)
  4. Include robot@knowmates.com as a recipient (Cc:)
  5. In the subject line put the word Prefer
Q. What's all this about unlocking my account?
A. To prevent anyone else from changing your entry in the database, all records are locked when they are created. To unlock your account:

  1. Send an email to robot@knowmates.com
  2. In the subject line put the word Unlock
  3. You will recieve an email. Click on the link to access the unlock webpage
  4. Enter your email address and click Unlock my account
To lock your account:

  1. Send an email to robot@knowmates.com
  2. In the subject line put the word Lock
Q. What else can the robot do?
A. You can add yourself to be in the DoIKnow? list. To add yourself you must have 10 mates on your map then:

  1. Send an email to robot@knowmates.com
  2. In the subject line put the word DoIKnow
Q. I was expecting an email from the robot. Where is it?
A. Hotmail and other mail services may treat the robots email as spam and put it in a junk mail folder. You can try turning off deleting junk mail immediately, or turning off junk mail all together and resend your email to the robot.
Q. My name is displayed as the first part of my email address. I want it to show my name.
A. When your email address first arrives, the robot tries to determine the display name. If none is found it will use your email address before the @ sign to protect you privacy. If you send an email to your mates and Cc: robot@knowmates.com the display name you send will be used.
Q. I have a problem that the robot can't sort out. Where do I go for help?
A. The Problems link will display any known issues with the website. The bottom of the Problems page has a link that will let you report any issues to the webmaster, but be warned - the webmaster takes days to respond - the robot takes minutes.
Q. Has the site been hosted anywhere else?
A. The site was prevoiusly hosted by phpwebhosting.com. Our comments are here.
Q. So how many people use this site. Is it just one nerd and their mates?
A. Get the latest stats here.
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